Here you can see quotes from current and previous parents who’s children have attended our pre-school.

Mrs Drummond 
“I support Dunmore Pre-school, as they have been fantastic at helping my son settle in. All of the staff are brilliant”

Mr Elbrow 
“I support Dunmore Pre-school for the love, care and support the staff give the children and for all the hard work and effort the staff do in their own time”

Mrs Hunt 
“Dunmore Pre-school did such a fantastic job of providing a safe and exciting learning environment for all three of my children”

Miss Langford 
“We love Dunmore Pre-school for their dedication and commitment to the children’s needs. My son left to start full time school, he has settled so well in the last 3 weeks and that’s thanks to Dunmore Pre-school for giving him the confidence. Thanks Dunmore Pre-school."

Mrs Annells 
“The staff at Dunmore Pre-school are very friendly and support the children 100%, they are able to deal with any problems that may arise”

Mr Jones 
“Fantastic pre-school, very kind and understanding staff and nothing is too much trouble, my daughter loves being there” 

Mrs Williams 
“My daughter feels safe and secure and enjoys her pre-school. Thank you”.  

Abingdon and Witney College Assessor 
“I love to come in, it is always so cheerful”

Anonymous parent 
“I have always found the pre-school to be very well run and an inviting and friendly place to send ones child”

Anonymous parent 
“The staff are all great and you have a lovely setting. Keep up the good work”  

Former parent 
“My children loved it at pre-school” 

Anonymous parent 
“I love the way the staff seem to give each child one-on-one attention even though there are so many children” 

Former parent 
“J has really enjoyed his time at pre-school and will be leaving having learnt alot of valuable things” 

Former parent 
“I love the book you make with all her work and see the progress that see makes. Keep up the good work!” 

Parent still attending the pre-school. 
“Am very pleased with all the keyworkers they are always friendly and approachable” 

Former parent 
“All the staff have been remarkable, I am glad I chose Dunmore Pre-school for R, R has loved every minute asking if ‘he is going today’ on a day he doesn’t attend. Thank you for all your support and doing a great job in R’s start on his education” 

Former parent 
“Best pre-school in the world – well ‘L’ and ‘G’ thought so”.

Mrs Selby 
“My son loves going to pre-school, non stop talking about all the fun things he does there, especially playing with the trains and cars!” 

Mr Gillett 
“Great Pre school – Great Staff” 

Mrs Thomas 
“It took our granddaughter a little while to settle in but the staff were always calm and welcoming, she soon settled and now enjoys her time with her teachers and friends”

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