The policies are now available online.

In accordance with the requirements of Ofsted, the pre-school has the following policies:

1.0  Child Protection

1.1  Children’s rights and entitlements:

1.2  Safeguarding children and child protection:

1.3  Looked after children:

1.4  Uncollected children:

1.5  Missing child:

1.6  Use of mobile phones and cameras:

Staff acceptable use agreement form:

Staff acceptable use agreement form – digital images:

Whistle blowing policy:

2.0  Suitable people

2.1  Employment:

2.2  Student placements:

Discrimination procedure

Grievances procedure:

Recruitment of ex-offenders policy statement:

Sickness policy:

Sickness forms:

3.0  Staff qualifications, training, support and skills

3.1  Induction of staff, volunteers and managers:

Induction forms:  Staff:            Students:

3.2  First aid:

4.0  Key person

4.1  The role of the key person and settling-in:

5.0  Staff:  Child ratios

5.1  Staffing:

Staff log:

6.0  Health

6.1  Administering medicines:

Important notice – administering medicines:

6.2  Managing children who are sick, infectious, or allergic:

6.3  Recording & reporting of accidents and incidents:

6.4  Nappy changing:

6.5  Food and drink:

6.6  Food hygiene:

7.0  Managing behaviour

7.1  Achieving positive behaviour:

8.0  Safety & suitability of premises, environment & equipment

8.1  Health & safety general standards:

8.2  Maintaining children’s safety & security on premises:

8.3  Supervision of children on outings & visits:

8.4  Risk assessment:

Dunmore Pre-school risk assessment:

What are the hazards to health & safety form:

Dunmore Pre-school hazard assessment – action plan:

8.5  Fire safety & emergency evacuation:

8.6  Animals in the setting:

8.7  No smoking:

Procedures for severe weather conditions & other similar emergencies:

8.8  Equipment & resources policy:

9.0  Equal opportunities

9.1  Valuing diversity & promoting equality:

9.2  Supporting children with special educational needs:

10.0  Information and records

Dunmore Pre-school prospectus

Registration of Interest form

Enrolment form

10.2  Admissions:

10.3  Late arrival & collection of children:

10.4  Pricing & collection of fees:

10.5  Parental Involvement:

Parent/carer helper guide

10.6  Children’s records:

10.7  Provider records:

10.8  Transfer of records to school or other setting:

Transition report forms

10.9  Confidentiality & client access to records:

10.10  Information sharing:

10.11  Working in partnership with other agencies:

10.12  Making a complaint:

10.13  Secure storage, handling, use, retention & disposal of disclosures & disclosure information policy statement:

10.14  Data protection policy:

10.15  Dunmore Pre-school display policy:

Key holders form

11.0  Dunmore Pre-school policies & procedures version control

Documentation review record for all staff – sign sheets

The committee review the policies regularly and we welcome all parent/carer contributions. All policies have been reviewed and updated.

The revised policies will be loaded soon.