Inside consists of 3 separate areas: The foyer this is where the children store their backpack, coat and shoe bag. The toilet area which consists of sinks, toilets and a urinal, all of which are child sized, there is also a potty. The main room – The main room is divided into several areas including; a role-play area, the book/quiet corner, art area, computer area, maths table, small world area, construction table and a messy area.

Front outside area consists of a grass area, safety surface area, high impact safety surface area and a summer house. The garden is divided into separate areas including a sand pit, art area, a role play area and a (mobile) garden which the children grow and care for flowers and herbs etc. The is also a climbing frame which is out some of the time.

We are currently in the process of creating a Forest School area, which is fenced off from the main garden. Our plans for the area include a willow wigwam, a digging pit, bug houses, long grass area and a small pond. All activities will be nature based; including mud painting, fairy gardens, bug hunts, planting.The staff are in the process of planning the overhaul of the back outside area which at present is only used for storage of equipment but will become a garden for the children to use.